Venice On Food is a food project that aims to enhance Venice’s culinary excellence. The project was born from a passion for Italian food and the most beautiful city in the world, Venice. The idea is to tell the city through its culinary tradition, revealing the best restaurants where to eat, those who often escape to tourists because hidden in the maze of streets and bridges that makes Venice mysterious, impenetrable and full of secrets. We believe that a city should be lived not only for its architecture and its artistic and cultural heritage, but especially for its food. We are what we eat, said the philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach, and if we want to live a city not as simple tourists but as true citizens, then we must live it through its dishes and its ancient recipes, guardians of a timeless memory.
The project started in September 2015 by some Venetians involving the first enthusiastic restaurants and bacari, the characteristic wine bars where you can taste the Venetian cicchetti. As it often happens, it all started over a glass of good wine with some friends along the Fondamenta de l’Osmarin, in Sestiere Castello, the largest of the six districts forming Venice and the second by population. If you look at Venice from above, it resembles the shape of a fish: Castello is the tail, located in the East.
And right from the tail of the Big Fish we left, going to find the owners of restaurants, bacari, ice cream parlors and pastry shops to admire their work, a craft made of sacrifices, passion and love that finds its realization in the smug expression of the many guests who fill their tables. Venice On Food looks carefully at these precious restaurateurs because they exactly know how to honor Venice and the Italian food, widely considered the best in the world.
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When you sit at the table, you do not get old.

Venetian proverb